Sharon Tate in an Easter portrait.  ’Happy Easter’ is written in Swedish - Glad Påsk! 1968


Photo by Paul Huf for Dutch magazine, Avenue, January 1967.


1955- Streetscape on Nob Hill in San Francisco

my boyfriend laughed at me for wearing turtlenecks 

guess I have no choice but to wear turtlenecks all winter


Faust - Jennifer (1973)

The pieces on Faust IV, like the bands first two albums for Polydor (Faust and So Far) are allowed the time and space to develop fully as streams-of-consciousness. It would be pushing things to call them ‘Songforms’ although Faust were happy to utilize popular forms: the pre-dub experiments on So Far give way here to a more conventional, jocular stab at reggae with “The Sad Skinhead”, whilst “It’s A Bit Of A Pain” is a lyrical acoustic number rudely thrown off balance by retching electronic sounds. Contrast these with the opener,”Krautrock”, with its trance rhythms and searing electronic noise nodding in the direction of the post-John Cage generation of ‘systems’ composers (especially Philip Glass).

- David Ilic, 1992

I remember being amused and confused by this scene as a kid because Marge pointed out the starfish on the ‘fanny’ which means lady parts over here


Eaton’s Spring and Summer, 1965

Images from Library and Archives Canada